Who assigns the mediator in business dispute settlements?

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Mediation is a dispute resolution method that allows businesses to settle issues among themselves, while saving business relations, time and money. However, despite it providing parties control over the settlement terms, mediation requires a neutral third party to administer the discussion for a fair agreement.

How do mediators get in a settlement case?

How mediators are appointed

If the case was originally pending in court but is later recommended for mediation, the court can assign a neutral third party to facilitate the discussions. In case the parties have decided from the start to resolve their conflict through mediation, they can agree to work with a trained impartial third person to work out an agreement.

In either case, Georgia requires that the mediator meets the qualifications and is competent to oversee the dispute resolution.

What to look for in a mediator

Mediation works well if the mediator has a good grasp of negotiation techniques, even if they will only assist during discussions, so they can adequately guide the parties to workable solutions. Moreover, soft skills, such as patience and persistence, are helpful in setting the pace and tone of the mediation.

Using mediation to your business’s advantage

Mediation is ideal for business conflicts since it provides several benefits, from retaining control and saving time. Accordingly, mediation allows you to develop strategies that would both preserve your business relations and protect your company.

Working with a mediator who provides effective assistance toward fair and workable solutions can help you realize your goals and protect your business.