Working To Efficiently Resolve Domestic Legal Matters

We believe that matters which affect the home are the most important of all. At Boling Rice LLC we strive to assist our clients with resolving domestic matters without further deterioration of the parties’ relationships. We work toward solutions that will save the client time, energy, and the family’s financial resources.

Uncontested Divorce

We believe it is often in the parties’ best interest to resolve family issues among themselves rather than having the Court do so.

In Georgia, an “uncontested divorce” means the parties have reached an agreement as to all issues which need to be addressed before a Judge can issue a Final Decree of Divorce. In fact, a Settlement Agreement, with specific details of the agreed upon issues, is usually filed simultaneously with the Complaint in an uncontested divorce. The family decides the issues—the Judge issues the Decree.

In cases in which no minor children are involved, the issues to be resolved are generally in the following categories:

  • Division of all marital property and assets,
  • Division of debts, and
  • Whether spousal support should be paid.

In cases which involve minor children, there are additional issues of utmost importance which must be agreed upon as well. The key issues are:

  • Child custody (physical and legal),
  • Parenting time/visitation, and
  • Child support according to the Georgia guidelines, as well as medical insurance/expenses of the children.

It is very important to seek legal advice on each of these issues prior to negotiating with your spouse. Call us for an appointment once the determination is made that a divorce is inevitable, so that you can make informed decisions on every issue involved.


At Boling Rice LLC, we love to put families together, too! Our domestic department handles independent adoptions, agency adoptions, and step parent (or other family member) adoptions. It is very important to have an attorney handle your adoption, since Georgia’s adoption code is very intricate and every requirement must be executed correctly. Contact us as soon as you have decided to pursue adoption so that we can assist you along the way.

Guardian ad Litem

Often times when families are facing divorce, it can be difficult to maintain the children’s best interest above all else. However, we believe that the children’s best interests should be paramount. At Boling Rice LLC, we have attorneys who serve as Court Appointed Guardian ad Litems. The Guardian ad Litem is an individual (usually an attorney) appointed by the Judge in the case, whose focus is solely on what is in the best interests of the children. After the Guardian ad Litem conducts a thorough investigation, a report and recommendation of the Guardian ad Litem is filed with the Court to assist the Judge in making decisions which affect the children. The parties in a domestic matter often can submit their choice for Guardian ad Litem to the Judge. If you anticipate a Guardian ad Litem being ordered by the Court in your case, give Boling Rice LLC a call to learn more.

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