What are my business’ state tax registration requirements?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2020 | Business Law |

When you start a business in Georgia, it is essential that you make sure you handle all the legal requirements set by the law. You will want to specifically make sure to take care of tax registration requirements. 

According to the Georgia Department of Revenue, all businesses have at least one required tax registration, but many will have multiple requirements to meet. 

Sales and use tax 

You must get a sales and use tax number if you will make sales of any kind, including those out of state and online. You only register for this number one time and it will remain effectively without a need to renew as long as you are in business. Do note that if you change ownership or your business structure changes, then you will need to get a new number and re-register. 

Employee tax 

If you have employees, then it is your responsibility to make sure you handle the withholding tax. You will need to get a withholding payroll number to do this. Like the sales and use tax number, this will stay in effect for the life of your business as long as you do not have major changes. 

Special tax 

There are also special tax registration requirements for some specific types of businesses. You may need special registration if you sell cell phones or provide mobile cell service. You may also need special registration if you sell fireworks or run a hotel. If your business is in the motor carrier sector, you may need to get an international fuel tax agreement registration.