Ensuring the validity of your will in Georgia

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A Last Will and Testament, or a will, is a legal document that can be used to specify how you would like your assets to be distributed and designate a guardian for your children if you pass away. Many people are aware that they need a will but are unsure about what is required to make a will valid under Georgia law. Here are some of the basic requirements for creating a will in Georgia.

Requirements for a Georgia will

Under Georgia wills laws, you must meet certain requirements if you want the terms of your will to be honored after you pass away. To create a will, you, as the testator of the will, must be:

  • At least 14 years of age.
  • Of sound mind (understand that you are making a will and the purpose of the will).

If you meet these criteria, you will generally need to make a will that meets the following requirements:

  • In writing (typed or handwritten).
  • Signed by the testator or another person in front of the testator and with the testator’s consent.
  • Signed by two competent, disinterested witnesses.

Creating a will is more than writing your wishes on a piece of paper. Consulting with an estate planning attorney can be extremely helpful to ensure that your will is legally enforceable. If your will is found to be unenforceable, the laws of intestate succession will take over and your property will be distributed in accordance with those laws.