Is there a way to prevent will contests before they start?

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Is there a way to prevent will contests before they start? If you are in the process of estate planning in Cummings, you may decide not to split your estate evenly between your heirs. This can naturally cause friction that, left unaddressed, could lead to a will contest after you die. One way you can try to prevent this unwanted event is to seek mediation during the estate planning process.

What is mediation?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process. The mediator is a neutral third party. Mediators are not decision-makers. Instead, they help facilitate conversations between participants so the participants can reach a resolution that is mutually satisfactory to all involved. You can still choose to be represented by an attorney even if you choose mediation. And, mediation is generally a confidential process, so what is said during the process cannot be used against a participant and the mediator cannot testify if there is subsequent litigation.

Why mediate the estate planning process?

Complicated family dynamics, for example if you divorced and remarried but have adult children from your first marriage, may be one reason why you would want to seek mediation. If you plan not to split your estate evenly between your heirs or if you are disinheriting an heir entirely, this may also be a reason to mediate the estate planning process. Mediation can help families communicate effectively.

Learn more about mediation

Mediation can be a good way to prevent problems before they start. While some find mediation to be very valuable, it is not necessarily a perfect fit for all. Those who want to learn more about mediation are encouraged to visit our firm’s webpage on mediation for further information.