Legal protection is important when buying or selling a home

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The purchase or sale of a home is a major legal and financial transaction, and it is important for one navigating this process to take steps to protect their interests. Legal protection is critical at each step of the real estate process for both buyers and sellers. Having the counsel of an experienced real estate attorney can reduce the chance of costly and frustrating complications along the way.

The role of a real estate attorney

Under Georgia law, a real estate attorney is required to close all real estate transactions. However, many buyers and sellers overlook the need for an attorney until this final step of the process.

There are many areas of a transaction where working with a real estate attorney can prove to be advantageous. In addition to assisting with the closing, a real estate attorney can also help with the following:

  • Confirmation that the seller of the home is the rightful seller
  • Negotiation of the terms of any purchase or sale contract
  • Preparation of the deed and all disclosures
  • Preparation of a settlement statement that outlines all fees and costs
  • Confirmation that all parties properly fulfill their obligations according to the contract
  • Assistance with any conflict resolution that may be necessary

The valuable insight provided by a real estate attorney can be helpful from the earliest stages of the real estate process – even before making or accepting an offer.

Avoiding and resolving issues

One of the main roles of a real estate attorney is helping the client avoid potential problems when buying or selling, as well as resolving any issues that arise. Due to the legal complexity of this type of transaction, a buyer or seller can often benefit from guidance at each step. An attorney may also provide an initial assessment of a case, including one’s goals and concerns, in order to provide an explanation of legal options and what to expect moving forward.