Hiring an attorney when purchasing a home

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2021 | Real Estate Law |

When a North Georgia area resident purchases a home, it is often the largest purchase they will ever make. Homes cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and although real estate agents may do a good job of representing their buyer in the process an attorney can offer additional help as well.

Legal transaction

The process of buying a home is both a large purchase and a legal transaction. For this reason, consulting with a real estate attorney can be a good idea. There are several ways in which a real estate attorney can help their client. These include:

  1. A home purchase is a legally binding contract. An attorney can review the purchase agreement and negotiate on their client’s behalf. They can also make sure the contract adheres to all state laws.
  2. Title searches. An important part of the home buying process is a title search. An attorney can do a thorough title search that will reveal whether the home has any liens or judgements and if the seller can even sell the home. If something problematic is uncovered, an attorney can advise their client on what their next steps should be.
  3. Property transfers. When the home is owned by a trust or corporation the purchase is often more complicated. An attorney has experience working with these types of business arrangements and can ensure the contract is consistent within state law.
  4. Real estate deeds need to be filed with the state and county. An attorney can do this quickly and efficiently.

Because a home is such a large purchase it makes sense to have an attorney help with the process. They can make sure their client’s legal rights are protected and that the process goes smoothly.